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This site is dedicated to the Science Fiction & Fantasy author C.J. Cherryh and her work. Please see the Copyright Notice before accessing Meetpoint Station. Any contributions are welcome.

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A mailinglist on the author C.J. Cherryh and her work. To subscribe / for administrivia, please send mail, e.g.

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Meetpoint: Reference Materials and Links

We have several lists containing bibliographical information on C.J. Cherryh. In our own lists, links to additional information (reviews and covertexts) are included where available.

Meetpoint: Cherryhlist Archives

Old digest volumes are also archived on Cherryhlist-Ftp below (nite*.zip).

Meetpoint: Files

Methane Side offers files from Meetpoint, Cherryhlist-Ftp and CHView via HTTP and eMail.

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