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Contributors to Meetpoint

Louis Perrochon

His current eMail is perrochon@acm.org. He is the original maintainer and inventor of Meetpoint. As with Andreas below, he does no longer find the time for active Meetpoint maintenance. Thanks for everything!

Andreas Wandelt

His current eMail is andreas_wandelt@mckinsey.com. This makes it obvious, he has to work a lot and does no longer find time to maintain the threaded discussion archive. Thanks for the work done, as an entry to Cherryh's work, it is still valuable.

Lesley and Jo Grant

Co-creators of chview and cherryhlist maintainers (lgrant@maths.tcd.ie, jo_grant/dub/lotus.lotusint@crd.lotus.com).

Ben Lin

Co-creator of chview (benlin@nova.org).

Peter Jakobi

Maintainer of Meetpoint's Methane side and the cherryhlist www archive (jakobi@acm.org).
20. 3. 97 Peter Jakobi.