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>From: Lesley Grant <lgrant>
>Subject: cherryhlist: spacers' age and Fleet 
>Date: Fri, 2 Oct 92 9:38:21 BST

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 > >From: Jo Jaquinta <jaymin>
 > >Subject: cherryhlist -- How old are spacers?
 > 	Has anyone actually clocked up how much time passes in Chanur's
 > Legacy? To the best of my recollection it is only about a week or two
 > at most. Yet over a year passes in stationary space. This fits with I
 > figure I saw in one of the books of something like 38 days of realtime
 > spent in jump. This means spacers end up being around for a *long* time.
 > If they spend, say, two weeks in space between jumps and then six subjective
 > weeks in jump that a factor of 1 : 4. I.e. for each apparent year from
 > their point of view four years pass back home. This gives lifespans in the
 > 200s!

	Well, it gives *apparent* ages in the 200's. Spacers don't get to
continually influence events in realtime for ~200 years, they get a normal
amount of lifespan that is spread over a long period, but is lived (from
an outside viewpoint) in snatches. It doesn't really matter if Graff is
'really' 38 in _Hellburners_ -- he has only lived to his early 20's (his
amount of experience comes from having started working at he age of 10 :-)
Anyhow, I do feel your ratio of 1:4 is perhaps a bit out. That would have
the War going on a lot longer than it seems to, ie Bet Yeager was on _Africa_
at least 20 years, which in your scale would be 80 realtime. But in _Cyteen_,
the War is described as lasting about 50 years realtime.

 > 	Which brings me on to a favourite topic: The Fleet. I wouldn't
 > dismiss them quite as readily as people seem to. OK they aren't mentioned
 > much in Cyteen but I don't see them being totally out of the picture.
 > They have been pushed back into the hinder stars but if they are running
 > and stringing their jumps they are going to be around for a *long* time.

	By the time of _Cyteen_ it is certainly implied the Fleet are no
more. They need a place in real space to lick their wounds real-time, and
that's what was denied them. Unless they find a nice new world for themselves..

 > What would you do if you were Mazian?

	Take Earth. Failing that (:-), and if it looked like supplies were
running low and the cause was lost, come in screaming at all Union ports
and take them with me. That way, Earth is supreme once more, and the 
merchanters arte scared. Of course, he didn't do that, as Cyteen and all the
other places are still there -- but Union thought he might, which is why
Gehenna was colonised. (OK, so that's what Emory thought, not the rest of the
war types, but I think she had a point).


 > 			Jo
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