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>From: Jo Jaquinta <jaymin>
>Subject: CherryhList
>Date: Wed, 14 Oct 92 9:23:19 BST

> >From: Lesley Grant <lgrant>
> 	Ditto, but the end result was likely the same. Without fuel to
> jump, where's the _India_ going to go?
	Well, now. We don't know it didn't have enough fuel to jump. We
only know that it had sufficently little that the rider ships were taking
their time coming in.

> However, *if all was lost* I could see him manoeuvering the remnants of
> the Fleet into a suicide attack on Union (and Alliance for that matter).
	All is never lost for someone as resourceful as Mazian (or who
sees himself as being resourceful). I can't ever see him giving up.

> Union doesn't have riders, so it can't blast your missiles before they hit.
	Union doesn't have riders? Of course Union has riders! They certainly
do in the game. They have a huge number of carriers all with 4 riders. They
even have "new technology": the supercarrier. The Janus carries 6 riders. It
is just that the Union pilots aren't as good thus they can't use them as


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