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>From: nancy ott <ott@ansoft.com>
>Subject: cherryhlist
>Date: Thu, 15 Oct 92 13:43:44 EDT

>> > However, *if all was lost* I could see him manoeuvering the remnants of
>> > the Fleet into a suicide attack on Union (and Alliance for that matter).
>>      All is never lost for someone as resourceful as Mazian (or who
>> sees himself as being resourceful). I can't ever see him giving up.
>       Oh, I'll agree Mazian himself wouldn't, but I could see him getting
> the others to at least risk going in to get a shot at Cyteen ("Tom, do this.
> For *me*, Tom" :-)
>       I want a book giving some clue as to what Mazian *did* do! Did he
> withdraw to the far side of Earth when Union whipped his ass there? We all
> know what's on the far side of Earth...

Maybe he runs into the Knnnn and is hauled off to parts unknown.  :-)  :-) 

Seriously, on the one hand I wish Cherryh would give us details about
the fate of Mazian's fleet.  It would tie up some of the loose ends
we've been discussing, and bring the Company War saga to a close.  On
the other hand, I kind of hope she doesn't -- I enjoy speculating
about Mazian's behavior, plus the mystery adds some depth to the
Union/Alliance universe (especially to novels like Merchanter's Luck
and Rimrunners).  Guess we'll just have to wait and see whether she
drops any more clues about it.

While we're wishing for books, I want one about the origins of Signy
Mallory (perhaps as part of the Heavy Time/Hellburner series).  

- nancy

PS: The "Company War" board game keeps popping up in this discussion --
what's it like?  

PPS: A general Chanur/hani question -- how can the hani maintain
continuity in their families and estates if the sons (or other young
males) are always trying to kill their fathers and take over?  The
mechanics of this confuse me, since it seems to cause a conflict of
interest for hani women.  Wouldn't they have to choose between
supporting their fathers or brothers?

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