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>From: Jo Jaquinta <jaymin>
>Subject: CherryhList: The Company Wars
>Date: Mon, 19 Oct 92 9:22:11 BST

> >From: nancy ott <ott@ansoft.com>
> PS: The "Company War" board game keeps popping up in this discussion --
> what's it like?  
	It was produced by Mayfair Games aeons ago. I had heard rumours
of its existance (like Mallory needs to roll 10+ on 2d6 to *miss*). It
wasn't until a few years ago when Lesley and I were in an amazing games
store in Orlando that we found some place that had heard of it. The guy
paused, went into the back room, and came out with a 2nd hand copy. We
said "Yes, please" and only a kick from Lesley stopped my "Name your price".
However they gave it to us for half the original price. The counters hadn't
even been puched! I would easily have paid six times that.
	Anyway, the game consists of a large map board of Union-Alliance
space. There are 44 (?) jump points and 12 stations (Union: Cyteen,
Voyager, Fargone, Paradise, Wyatts, EC: Pell, Viking, Mariner, Pan-Paris,
Esperance, Defunct: Galileo, ???). Union has 1 super-carrier, 9 carriers,
8 Cruisers, 6 Light cruisers, and 6 dartships. EC has 9 carriers and 3 
garrisons. There are a scattering of Union merchant and Earth merchant
	The latter are used in the optional 3 player and 4 player games.
Another option is to play the tactical or strateigic actions. In one
when ships fight you just pile the counters on the jump point and
roll the dice. In the other you move to a seperate map representing the
system. You move the ships around and shoot each other.
	We normally play the simple version and have only played with merchants
once or twice. In the simple game Union almost always wins militarily
(i.e. virtually wipes out all the EC ships), but EC more often than not
wins by points. (I once came within a dice roll of winning militaryily
as EC!)
	However much of what we were paying for was the little booklet
you get with the game about the Company Wars by Cherryh herself. There
are lots of intersting snippets in it. I'll see if I can sumarise the
contents over the next few weeks. One of the more interesting things
is a map of Union-Alliance space. Not the simplified version for the
boardgame but based on real stars. Does anyone know where they can get
real-space coordinates for all the starts within 50 ly radius of earth?
I'd love to corolate the two.


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