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>From: Ken Shrum <shrum@hpfcswq.fc.hp.com>
>Subject: cherryhlist
>Date: Wed, 14 Apr 93 7:25:23 MDT

The first book by Cherryh that I read was "Kesrith".  That would've been in 
about 1981, and a friend of mine rushed up to me and said "you have to read 
these books!"  I'm not certain in what order I read the rest of her 
then-published work, but I can vividly recall being in a bookstore and 
seeing "Chanur's Venture" on the shelves and doing a huge doubletake, 
reading it immediately, and then discovering that it was the first third of 
a larger work.

Since then I've ordered all of her work that I can find, including "Glass 
and Amber", which has some very nice comments on how she develops her work. 
I'm to the point now of buying her new work in hardback sight unseen, and 
upgrading my paperbacks to hardback as possible.

Speaking of the upgrade, Phantasia Press has been reissuing some earlier 
Cherryh (Chanur, perhaps "Downbelow Station" and some others) in hardback.  
I've picked up the Chanur books, and the quality is pretty good - there are 
some typos that weren't in the paperback edition, but the paper and binding 
are both good quality.  Just FYI.

    Ken Shrum

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