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>From: Jo Jaquinta <jaymin@maths.tcd.ie>
>Subject: Re: CherryhList -- Literary Exigiesis
>Date: Tue, 1 Jun 93 9:39:39 BST

From: Onno Meyer
> One more point, how old is this text? The information on rider crew
> numbers contradicts the information in _HB_, and I think _HB_ is one
> of the newer books.
	The Company War is 1983, I think. Contemporary with _DS_ winning
the Nebula (or was it Hugo?). The information is not necessarily contradictory.
There is a lot of time between the two texts. The riders are just in
a prototype stage then. Also most information in Cherryh books is not
from the Author-as-god viewpoint but rather from what the character
sees/beleives.  Different cultural perspectives give different views.
This isn't necessarily applicable when considering such cut and dried
things like # of crew.

> (I've just realised that I just did what I always hated in school,
> to take a text and dissect the words for meanings the author   
> probably never intended in such an insignificant place. :-) )
	Ah, but are not Cherryh's texts gems in a coalfield? Each line
lovingly constructed with thought and detail? Are they not worthy to
be picked apart and examined for minutae? :-)
					Jo Grant

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