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>From: Jo Jaquinta <jaymin@maths.tcd.ie>
>Subject: Cherryhlist/catching up
>Date: Fri, 3 Sep 93 13:12:16 BST

Greetings all!
	I'm back from my holidays (we won the war) but I have a new job
now which I can't dial in from and read news for several hours a day :-(.
Lesley and her chickens seem to be doing just fine, though. Catching up
with about a month's worth of Cherryhlists I have some comments:

Chur & Hallans jump-walking:
	Jump is a state of mind.
	You only need drugs if you think you need drugs. (There is plenty
of modern precedent for this.) Note that the more experienced spaceflying
species don't need drugs or are not as affected: Humans, new on the scene
need drugs; Hani, newest in the Compact, suffer from jump; Methane breathers,
the oldest and most advanced, don't need any.
	Have you ever been on medical drugs/tranquilisers? I didn't have
the chickenpox till I was 17 and caught it rather bad. I was so miserable
the doctor gave me something. It didn't stop the pain, I just didn't care
anymore. I lay in my bed and time seemed to dialate. I thought through
and summarised the Bible while lieing there. Normally one gets bored with
long and repetitive tasks however in that condition I didn't. Sort of like
a computer.
	When I read Chur's experience I was reminded of that. Having only
the basic navigational facts to go on and being in an altered state of
conciousness she could just lie and compute.
	Later in the evening of my sickness I was woken by my sister
banging on the door (she had locked herself out). I remember going down
the stairs and opening the door but I don't think I really did so because
the next definate thing I was thrashing about in the bathtub (the bathroom
was opposite my bedroom).
	If jump is a state of mind then Chur may have succeeded in starting
acting by reacting instincivly and not thinking about it. With her logic
inhibited she knew she *had* to and didn't worry that it "couldn't be done".
	The only other similar experience I had was coming out from under
a general anasthetic when I had my wisom teeth removed. I know I was fully
rational upon wakening; I have a note I wrote to Lesley to prove it and I
took my blood pressure. However I could not remember more than about a
minute into the past. I guess I was operating only on short-term memory
for about 10 minutes.
	This can explain why Chur couldn't remember what she had done
while in jump. Also why Hallan remembers upon awakening but has trouble
shortly thereafter.
	As far as the t'ca hovering through the interface if you imagine
it like the ocean: Normal space is the air and jump space is the water.
When you jump you dive into the water, coast and break surface again.
Some races have learned to open their eyes while underwater and see in a
blur other fish or things beyond the surface. It seems the T'ca can move
about a bit too.

Seeing CJ Cherryh at conventions:
	Oh, I wish I was there! I've been meaning to send her a copy of
all the cherryhlists. Could you deliver this, Rebecca? If so can you
FTP the stuff over or should I post discs to you?

Appropriate Topics:
	When catching up I noticed one or two comments on "that is not
appropriate" along with directions I did not feel were appropriate (the
comments did not refer to the threads, either :-)
	*Personally*: I would like to see every article relate in some way
to Cherryh, her life or her works. Sort of like the "obligatary joke"
included in each posting to eunet.jokes.
	*Officially*: as "moderator" I will not stop any article from being
posted. Any article sent will be distributed. This if functionally equivalent
to a alt.newsgroup. Although we have the volume for a newsgroup I really
wouldn't want to see this grow in that direction as the amount of rubbish
(plesantly low at the moment) would increase to the usual newsnet level.
	Enough of this...

Does anyone speak Kiffish?
	The Traveller Role Playing Games has fairly nifty language
generation tables in it which syllibacally construct words. Delighted
with this construct I wrote a program several years ago that would take
a sample text and perform structural analysis on it eventually producing
a traveller like table. I used it to produce tables for English, Irish,
German, Greek, Latin, Indo-European, Elvish, Maori and Hawaiian.
	I have recently found this program again. If anyone would
like to type in all the examples of Kiffish (even repeated phrases,
that helps the frequency distribution) and Kiffish ship names I
can run this on it and produce a chart for people to construct
kif-like words.
	I have discussed Kifish grammer with Lesley. She's done some
linguistic courses and maybe she'll post about out conclusions. Personally
I've always though it a bit like Akkadian. Am I correct in remembering that
the script is largely dots and triangles?
	The other day I upoaded a TrueType font for Klingon and installed
it in my Windows system. Seeing all the control panels and so forth come
up in that script was fun. I'd love to do a Kiffish font :-)
	When I holiday I did manage to meet Nancy and she was kind enough
to give me some small lead figures of "Khiff with Flamer". They are quite
obviously Kif. Does anyone know if other others were produced in that
series? Lik H'nai, or something?

	I have a scanner in my new job. Does anyone want any particular
covers of Cherryh books scanned in and put on the archive?


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