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>Date: Tue, 07 Sep 93 01:44:01 -0400
>From: "Nancy Silberstein" <silbersteinn@a1.mscf.upenn.edu>
>Subject: Cherryhlist\Pride

Welcome back, Jo.  Hope you got around further than Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh 
is a fine and pleasant place, but none do there I think embrace.  Or words 
to that effect.

I am peregrinating slowly through PRIDE, endeavoring to notice Important 
Points, and doubtless missing every future topic of discussion.  

A question was raised - a mere, glancing blow - no wonder you don't 
remember it - about hani ship-building and whether each clan built its own. 
I think Onno mentioned it as unlikely and, indeed, he is correct.  "(T)here 
was the huge null-g shipyard of Harn Station, where all hani ships were 
born and where they came for refitting and repair."  In my search for 
Cherryh lit crit, I checked out INSIDE OUTER SPACE which has an article by 
Cherryh in it, in which she explains the uselessness of planets to a 
space-faring species.  I'll excerpt interesting passages if anyone is 
interested, with the caveat that they will be the passages I am interested 

I also noted that Pyanfar was surprised because Tully's ship was unarmed.  
I dare say they would have been had they known of the Compact species.

Hilfy is explicitly described as adolescent.

Tully hears knnn singing on ship's intercom and conveys to Pyanfar that his 
ship encountered Compact species first in knnn space, "between stsho and 

Jo, I will endeavor to list as many kif words as possible, including ship's 
names and individual's names.

I'm trying to internalize hani clan relationships.  Females mate outside 
the clan but remain to defend their brothers and their "birth" clan in some 
cases.  Tahy Mahn backs her brother, Kara Mahn, when Kara attempts to take 
Chanur from Pyanfar's brother, Kohan Chanur.  To help her hold Chanur for 
him, Pyanfar counts on "Huran and some of the other mates" and "his score of 
daughters."  "Daughters, mates and...several more half-sisters, who were 
the most reliable of the lot."  Would Pyanfar have tried to keep Khym in 
power if she'd been around?  Hilfy definitely would, I gather.  That's why 
Khyn suddenly capitulated and sent her off on the Pride.

Any one shed any more light on these relationships? 

A quick reading recommendation.  Has anyone read SERPENT'S EGG 
by Robert L. Forward?  I found it fascinating, as did my "hard science" 

Jo, Lesley did a WONDERFUL job in your absence.  I thought we spoke to you 
severely about taking that new job - I'm afraid your priorities need 

njs  6-SEP-1993 21:13  

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