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>Subject: Re: cherryhlist -- take 2
>Date: Fri, 10 Sep 93 10:35:39 CDT
>From: goldman@orac.cray.com (Goldman of Chaos -- postmaster CRI-US)

My first attempt seems to have gone off to never never land.  Here is
the message again:

Jo Jaquinta said the following:
> Seeing CJ Cherryh at conventions:
> 	Oh, I wish I was there! I've been meaning to send her a copy of
> all the cherryhlists. Could you deliver this, Rebecca? If so can you
> FTP the stuff over or should I post discs to you?

She is a great deal of fun to hear talk.  I was lucky enough to hear
her speak (last year? the year before?) at the University of
Minnesota.  She arrived _early_, sat in the audience and watched the
people.  Many of the folks there were very suprised when CJ Cherryh
was introduced.  Her talk was really neat.

> Does anyone speak Kiffish?
> 	The Traveller Role Playing Games has fairly nifty language
> generation tables in it which syllibacally construct words. Delighted
> with this construct I wrote a program several years ago that would take
> a sample text and perform structural analysis on it eventually producing
> a traveller like table. I used it to produce tables for English, Irish,
> German, Greek, Latin, Indo-European, Elvish, Maori and Hawaiian.

I'd love to get my hands on your program and your various tables.  As
long as I'm at it, I'll type the Kiffish in (once I find my copies of
the Hani series.)

> Lastly:
> 	I have a scanner in my new job. Does anyone want any particular
> covers of Cherryh books scanned in and put on the archive?
> 				Jo

Oohh, scan them all!  Do close up scans on people and ships.  Scan the
maps.  Scan the artwork!

Other notes:
Someone a while ago mentioned Kiff miniatures.  From where?

gaming stuff:  Lately I've been really disappointed with the 
<deleted> material from GDW.  Before I dive in and write my own,
has anyone every seen a source book for any gaming system that 
uses background from CJ Cherryh's universe?  Having just read 
40,000 in Gehenna, Rim Runners, Cyteen I-III, and Downbelow 
Station in _very_ rapid sequence, I want to set my new Traveller
universe there.  Anyone who wants to talk about this further with 
me offline is welcome to.  

I'll post the final results here or on an archive site when I'm done.
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