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>From: hposo@fltxa.helsinki.fi (Heikki Poso)
>Subject: Cherryhlist
>Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1993 22:28:22 +0300 (EET DST)

> >Date: Tue, 14 Sep 93 17:20:01 -0400
> >From: "Nancy Silberstein" <silbersteinn@a1.mscf.upenn.edu>
> >Subject: Cherryhlist/CJC on Warfare2
> Sublight, we all exist by Einstein's rules.... That's the law.   If we 
> stand imprudently EVA on the bow of a starship at .9999 cee and fire a 
> pistol, we notice a disturbing phenomenon:  the bullet will reach its 
> relatavistic limit instantly and hang there time-stopped just in front of 
> us, infinitely massive because of its velocity (as we are) and traveling 
> within our little packet of reality - because nothing in Einsteinian space 
> can exceed cee.  It and we go on together in the same moment.  Explosive 
> missiles or lasers fired just ahead of your bow will reach your target less 
> than .0001 split second before you do.  You might as well ram the opposing 
> ship as fire on their tail....

Whoops. This is simply not correct. Because the time the near-c ship 
perceives flows at slower rate, from their point of view the bullet 
behaves completely normally. For example, if you are moving at .9999c
relative to another ship, for each second you perceive that ship
perceives 100 seconds. (This supposes that you have done
the accelerating. If it had been the other ship, it'd be slowed down.)

Another point - to reach infinite mass, you have to move exactly at c.
This is impossible for all particles with mass, unless someone manages
to disprove the General Theory of Relativity...

Thankfully these has never been of issue in Cherryh's books.

Disclaimer: it has been a couple of years when I last read a book about
this. I can dig it up and even post some formulae, but I rather doubt 
there'd be much interest... :-)

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> >Subject: Re: Cherryhlist
> >Date: Wed, 15 Sep 93 13:10:26 CDT
> >From: goldman@orac.cray.com (Goldman of Chaos -- postmaster CRI-US)
> The riders seem to be equiped with a limited GWD, in
> Hellburner there was mention of "They tranked you down for
> jump. They didn't for this move."  (pg 366 Warner Books
> paperback edition)  I've read the passage a few times and I
> THINK C.J. Cherryh is telling us that flying the rider is a
> lot like being in jump.

"'We're go,' Dek said, and instantaneously the carrier mains cut
in with a solidity that shoved them harder than the pods ever had,
10+ in a brutal, backs-downward acceleration.
	"Carrier was outputting now, making EM noise in a wavefront
an enemy would eventually intercept in increasing Doppler effect,
and to confuse their longscan they were going to pull a pulse,
half-up to FTL and abort the bubble, on a heading for the intercept
zone -- that was the scary part. That was the time, all sims aside,
that the theoretical high v became real, .332 light, true hellride,
with herself for the com-node that integrated the whole picture.
	"They tranked you down for jump. They didn't for this move."

It is the carrier that does "this move", not the rider - they are still
attached at this point.

Btw, it seems that the carrier can go from a low speed to .332c with
just one pulse.


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