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>From: Jo Jaquinta <jaymin@maths.tcd.ie>
>Subject: Cherryhlist/Gaming queries
>Date: Fri, 17 Sep 93 17:12:11 BST

>gaming stuff:  Lately I've been really disappointed with the 
><deleted> material from GDW.
	Ditto. I've just done a long description of what I did
with Traveller: The New Era on the Traveller Mailing List. I actually
started playing Traveller because it had the same feel as CJC's

>Before I dive in and write my own,
>has anyone every seen a source book for any gaming system that 
>uses background from CJ Cherryh's universe?
	There isn't any. The closest is a boardgame called
"The Company War". It went out of print at least a decade ago.
It is chock full of relevant info (Like Mallory needs to roll
*higher* than 9 on 2d6 to *miss*). I talk about it a lot :-).
A big essay on The Company Wars is in the Cherryh archive in 
pub/jaymin/cherryh on walton.maths.tcd.ie if you have ftp access.

>1) What happens when crew members of Mazian's fleet grow old?
	As Onno points out, they haven't gotten old yet within
the timespan of any of Cherryh's books.

>2) Where did Mazian's fleet go after their raid on Earth?
	One of my favourite topics!
	In all post-_DS_ books the Fleet is either glibly put
aside or refered to in the past tense. Personally, because of
the time dilation, it seems evident that The Fleet is going to
be around for a *long* time. I posted a plot outline for some
fan fiction which has one of the ships running into the Kif but
I have never written it.

>Since I had a list of the carriers that have shown up in "Downbelow Station",
>I spent a little time filling in the gaps...
	Out of interest I would note that there is a list of ships
on the archive from The Company War. It has a few more.

	Having contemplated a CherryhGame for some time you have to
remember you can look at it in two ways. Firstly you have to accumulate
all the facts and things presented in her books. This can be difficult
because Cherryh seldom takes the role of Author-all-knowing but instead
leaves you to see things through the characters, often biased, views.
A book composed entirely of these things would be similar to they many
compendiums available for other authors worlds.
	The second category is extrapolating from what she has said to
what follows logically or what is necessary. This is when you enter the
realm of a gaming supplement. Here the corners and empty spots of the
universe are rounded out but in so doing you have to insert you own
	For example the ship list currently on the archive is compiled
from a Cherryh's notes and would fall under the first "deductive"
category. You ship list fills in the gaps and would come under the
second "inductive" category. I'll happily rationalise it with the
other list and put it on the server too.

	There is a project I had thought of just before I went to
the states but have not had the chance to propose to the list. Namely
the starting of the first stage and producing a Concordance of
Cherryh's Universe. It basically involves pouring through Cherryh's
books (something we all love) and taking detailed notes (something
we don't all love). In the end we would have basically an Ecyclopedia
for Cherryh's Universe. Not only a excellent launching point for
creative construction of a gaming supplement but also a good resource
for any Cherryh fan.
	If people are keen let me propose the following format:

REFERENCE: Chanur's Venture, Daw, 303
QUOTE: The term HAN in its application as the collective of the hani 
	species is clearly a reflection of mahen influence in the 
	formative phase of hani world government.
	Mahen are not above intrusively shaping the development of
less advanced cultures.

Comments, please.
	Wasn't someone comprising a list of characters in Cherryh's
universe? Perhaps they would like to do a character sketch of everyone


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