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;Date: Sun, 03 Oct 93 22:57:01 -0400
;From: "Nancy Silberstein" <silbersteinn@a1.mscf.upenn.edu>
;Subject: Cherryhlist/LEGACY

I recently reread CHANUR'S LEGACY, now that it is out in paperback and I 
can own my very own copy.  Some comments in passing:

1.)  Hilfy is definitely wearing(immune?) black the first time we see her.  
"She cut a fair figure, red-gold hide and black silk breeches..."  I didn't 
find any other references to her wearing black; instead, on p. 338 pb, 
"Hilfy's trousers went a peculiar muted red..."  Has Cherryh dropped a 
thread here? 

2.)  Hilfy is 25 in LEGACY ("Nobody had told her when she was growing up 
that every attitude and opinion she had learned was going to be obsolete 
when she was twenty-five.").  She still looks young ("(She) took a 
wet-fingered swipe at the mustaches and the (cursedly) juvenile 
beard....) but this may just be her own late maturation.  She treats both 
Hallan and Fala as distinctly younger.  I've lost the reference, but I 
remember a comment that Hallan was 17 when he met Pyanfar at the end of 

3.)  LEGACY has the first description I remember of any of these species'
children.  Hilfy runs into a mahe with its child in an elevator on Kita 
Point Station and is not amused.  "The child bounced around the walls, 
grinning at its own cleverness, and managed to knock into both of them in 
the short time before the doors opened on the cold grayness of the docks.  
Perhaps the mahe meant to space its offspring."  Apparently none of these 
species LIVES in space as Union-Alliance merchants do.

4.)  Hilfy, who detests the kif, has assimilated their attitudes to an 
amazing extent.  I don't believe she herself is aware of how far down that 
road she is.  The following is from Hilfy's point of view:  "She had a 
certain ruthlessness, a certain deficiency of pity, a certain willingness 
to run risks with other people's lives...she had discovered that in 

A word of advice on reading in general, but especially reading paperbacks:
If you read on your way to and from work (as I do), and you walk to work 
(as I do), and it rains, carry a LARGE umbrella.  My copy of LEGACY is a 
tad walloppy from being rained on.

njs  3-OCT-1993 18:21 

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