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;Subject: cherryhlist
;Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1993 09:14:36 +0100 (MET)
;From: Onno Meyer <Onno.Meyer@arbi.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de>

> ;From: Jo Jaquinta <jaymin@maths.tcd.ie>
> 	A very alpha version of a program to design ships like in
> Cherryh's Universe is available in the archive in files CHSRC.ZIP

What does that program do?

> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> ;From: barnard@forge.franken.de
> So it would be built like this:
> back                                       front
>                                 +------+
>                                 |      |
> +---------+---------------------+ Ring |--+
> |+-------+| 'normal decks'      |      |  | Bridge
> ||       |+---------------------+      |--+
> ||       ||                     |      |  |
> ||Engines|+---------------------+      |--+ 
> ||       ||                     |      |  |
> ||       || Zero G cargo bays   |      |  |
> |+-------+|                     |      |  |
> +---------+---------------------+      |--+
>                                 |      |
>                                 +------+
> (This  seems  to  be an error in CJ's books:  If the bridge *IS* in the ring,
> then it must be *under* the ship, while in the books, the bridge is on top of
> the  ships.   Or  maybe  she  'turned over' the descriptions; in Dock the top
> parts  of  the ship are closest to the station so she might refer to these as
> 'lower sections' while they're on top of the ship frame.
Are there any sources for 'normal decks' not part of the cylinder? The only
description of such a room I can think of is the 'core' in RR.

A two-deck ring would solve the bridge problem ( compare my picture in the last

> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> ;From: "Nancy Silberstein" <silbersteinn@a1.mscf.upenn.edu>
> 1.)  Hilfy is definitely wearing(immune?) black the first time we see her.  
> "She cut a fair figure, red-gold hide and black silk breeches..."  I didn't 
> find any other references to her wearing black; instead, on p. 338 pb, 
> "Hilfy's trousers went a peculiar muted red..."  Has Cherryh dropped a 
> thread here? 
But Py had black trousers in PC, too. I dismissed that as "universe under 
construction". It would have been reasonable to make Chanur Immune if
Pyanfar rules the whole compact. However, immune clans are a planetside
thing, and she never visited Anuurn again (at least there are hints she
didn't). Why would she care about being Immune if she was Mekt-Hakkikt?

> 2.)  Hilfy is 25 in LEGACY ("Nobody had told her when she was growing up 
> that every attitude and opinion she had learned was going to be obsolete 
> when she was twenty-five.").  She still looks young ("(She) took a 
> wet-fingered swipe at the mustaches and the (cursedly) juvenile 
> beard....) but this may just be her own late maturation.  She treats both 
> Hallan and Fala as distinctly younger.  I've lost the reference, but I 
> remember a comment that Hallan was 17 when he met Pyanfar at the end of 
I think the quote shows only that she was 25 when her world turned about.
That would have been the end of CH or perhaps even the end of PC, when
Khym became crewman.

> 	Did anyone type in the Kif vocabulary? I need it in the next
> day or so.
> 	On another point I always have difficulty coming up with names
> for characters. Anyone mind if I use people from the list?
> 			Jo

I have a growing list of kifish (I'm listing characters and history of the 
Compact like I did for Alliance/Union, too), but that is far from complete.
About the Names, why not? Who will become Kif?


Are Banny Ayhar and Banafy Ayhar the smae person? Banny could be the
abbreviation, but "Banny" is used where the full name would be used. 


Can someone tell me ISBN, publisher, price of the one-volume hardcover
Cyteen book?


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