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;From: Lesley Grant <lgrant@maths.tcd.ie>
;Subject: Cherryhlist
;Date: Fri, 8 Oct 93 9:05:24 BST

> ;From: Onno Meyer <Onno.Meyer@arbi.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de>
> But Py had black trousers in PC, too. I dismissed that as "universe under 
> construction". It would have been reasonable to make Chanur Immune if
> Pyanfar rules the whole compact. However, immune clans are a planetside
> thing, and she never visited Anuurn again (at least there are hints she
> didn't). Why would she care about being Immune if she was Mekt-Hakkikt?

	Given that both Py and Hilfy wear black, without being Immune (as
obviously Chanur isn't, given the number of court cases it attracts :-), I
think we have to say that it isn't that *only Immunes* are allowed to wear
black, but rather that Immunes are *only allowed* wear black. I.E., anyone
can wear it if they want, but Immunes have to wear it all the time. Also, 
whenever an Immune shows up, they are always described as wearing "Immune
black". Perhaps this denotes a 'special' black? Maybe totally undecorated?

> I think the quote shows only that she was 25 when her world turned about.
> That would have been the end of CH or perhaps even the end of PC, when
> Khym became crewman.

	I think this is probably true, which would have her still 'young'
at 30-ish in _CL_

> Are Banny Ayhar and Banafy Ayhar the smae person? Banny could be the
> abbreviation, but "Banny" is used where the full name would be used. 

	I think they must be. The only Ayhars we see are Banny's crew, after
all, and it wouldn't really make sense to give a very minor character like
one of them a confusingly similar name. Maybe it's just a misprint?


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