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;Date: Tue, 12 Oct 93 01:36:00 PDT
;From: seth@cie-2.uoregon.edu (Master Nethacker)
;Subject: C.J. Cherryh List

>What is really weird is if you pipe it through a speech synthesiser!  Ever
>hear kifish in an american accent?

I shudder to the marrow at the notion :)

You know, one of the oddest notions I ever had (here for your amusement, since
it's 1:30 AM my time, and I'm almost hallucinating :) was the general distaste
the Pride's crew had to knnn singing, and the question:  What would a compact
species (esp the Hani) make of, say, opera? ;()  Pavarotti singing "O Solo Mio,"
the Comandatore scene from "Don Giovanni?" ;)

Also, i wondered if Tully would've fared any better if he had some sort of
hand-to-hand training, or some sort of weapons training... I definitely got
the impression that, as he said, he IS just a nobody, a Joe Spacer of sorts...

Anyhow, back to Jo's linguistic program... Jo, what sort of algorithm did you
use to render that?  It was fairly believable, I thought!  The structure seems
consistent (to my early-morning cursory study) with what I remember of the text

... Though I have one complaint... ;) --- The all-important WORD wasn't there,
even once, in the kifish!

SFIK! ;)



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