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;Subject: cherryhlist
;Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1993 10:13:21 +0100 (MET)
;From: Onno Meyer <Onno.Meyer@arbi.informatik.uni-oldenburg.de>

> Also, i wondered if Tully would've fared any better if he had some sort of
> hand-to-hand training, or some sort of weapons training... I definitely got
> the impression that, as he said, he IS just a nobody, a Joe Spacer of sorts...
> 		Seth
This touches the question wether that first contact was a really random
event or wether Tully's ship was sent to investigate the knnn transmission.

However, even if Tully was part of a dedicated first contact team, he
still was a scan_tech_. If you consider how fast he learned to use alien
systems, he probably was a very good tech, not a nobody, but unable to
use his skills most of the time. If he was part of a military or paramilitary
force, he would have had some combat training (he used alien firearms with
some success, didn't he?). But I don't think that even a commando soldier
could have defendend himself against a whole bunch of elite kif with bare
> Didn't the Maziani sort of disappear?  And didn't they disappear in the
> same direction (behind earth, away from the Alliance/Union stars)?
> 	--David

At the end of DS, six carriers were left. One was (probably) lost in '58
(RR), and one lost the troops in ML (probably earlier than RR). Both
RR and ML give the impression that the Mazianni were still active in
human space, but some or all could have made a quick ride with the kif.

If that is true, the Chanur books happen several years/decades after
DS, and Earth makes a first contact with the Compact, but the compact
had met humans earlier.

This is possible, but there is no real proof, just assumptions.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> 	I have difficulty beleiving in a completely inertialess system.
> Inertially damped, yes. Thus the massive acceleration/deceleration of
> drive 2) is damped down to just high-g. Are they any instances where
> a ship dumps without everyone strapped down?
> 			Jo

Markus thinks (nearly) the same about the vanes. But if a spread vane
is not the best for maneuvers, why no warships with two vane sets? A
carrier can operate without one jump vane (see DS). That vane could
become a "insystem" drive.  On the inertia question, it has to be
nearly 100% damped. I can't get the accel required to bleed, say 10%c 
away in an instant in my head, but it has to be enormous. If you can
negate thousands of g, why should a few g remain undamped?


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