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;Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1993 11:13:33 +0100
;From: Markus Stumptner <mst@vexpert.dbai.tuwien.ac.at>
;Subject: cherryhlist

>Also, i wondered if Tully would've fared any better if he had some sort of
>hand-to-hand training, or some sort of weapons training... I definitely got
>the impression that, as he said, he IS just a nobody, a Joe Spacer of sorts...

I agree.  Also, this was one of the arguments that went towards
convincing me that his ship indeed was an exploratory ship, not
a military one on a mission of conquest.

On the topic of the rider drive...

>	Drive 2) isn't particularly maneuverable. It can slow you
>down quickly or speed you up quickly but only the knnn can use it
>for inter-course maneuvers.

Doesn't this distinction somehow postulate an absolute frame of 
reference?  I think this may be a problem.

>>"Pulse of the main engines. ... Second pulse, high-g RO, intermittent
>>accel ..." HB325 Drive 2) doesn't produce high-g. The rider engine
>>makes two short, high-g bursts.
>	I have difficulty beleiving in a completely inertialess system.
>Inertially damped, yes. Thus the massive acceleration/deceleration of
>drive 2) is damped down to just high-g.

Good point. The "intermittent accel" also would tend to indicate some kind
of "buffeting" that gets through instead of the main effect of the


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