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;Date: Mon, 1 Nov 93 10:12:58 EST
;From: Jo_Grant.LOTUSINT.LOTUS@CRD.lotus.com
;Subject: Cherryhlist/Star Chasing -- across the universe...

	GaelCon was on just this weekend. The biggest RPG convention in Ireland
but I don't really expect anyone outside of Ireland to have heard of it. The
two main guests were Greg Stafford and Steve Jackson. Steve Jackson runs Steve
Jackson Games (surprise, surprise) which publishes "GURPS" a Generic Universal
Role Playing System. They are in the habit of buying liscences from various
authors and doing GURPS rules for their universes. So I asked him, of course,
if anyone had discussed doing a pack for Cherryh's universe. No one has but
he said he would be receptive to the idea. He knows "Caroline" and says she is
quite positive about RPGs. Apparently David Cherry plays a lot.
	Anyway, I told him about the list and that we were bouncing around ideas
about StarChase. Given that Downbelow Station won a Hugo and Mayfair published
a game based on that and given that Cyteen won a Hugo too I asked him what he
though the chances of Mayfair publishing a StarChase game were. As it turns out
whoever is in charge of Mayfair is into trading and rail-road games. He said if
it looks like a trading or rail-road game he would probably go for it.
	So, interesting, no? I'll think I'll upload your rules again, Onno, and
give a detailed look at them. Can you get and display the Company War map I
did? If we have basic 16 colour GIF pictures for the map and a sheet of counters
that would be a good prototype to submit. If others can FTP they might want to
have a second look.
	I know it can be tiresome wading through detailed game-rule discussion 
the list. May I suggest we keep rules-submissions on FTP access? Detailed rule
analysis and comentary should probably go to the author of the variant. General
discussions of what trade is like in general I think might be appropriate
for the general list, perhaps prefixed with StarChase in the title.

> >Me:
> >I don't think Earth or the Hinder stars should
> > figure at all in the game. They aren't really used for viable trade at
> > any point.
> Onno:
> But Cyteen mentioned new trade relations with earth, and fifty years 
> should be sufficent to explain this change.
	I think this was probably just a sort of token gesture. The only think
they really want from Earth is the genetic samples. (Game balance argument
accepted, though)

> > Me:
> > (CMPCTMAP.GIF). Perhaps there should be an edition of the game for
> > the Compact?
> Onno:
> We don't have that much knowledge about the compact economy
	We don't have that much more about Union-Alliance. I was looking forward
to playing the methane breathers! Roll a dice every turn to see which way they
went. Maybe their "victory conditions" change each turn?

> Onno:
> A Compact
> game could be more a single-ship game, Hani merchanters competing
> for trade routes, not players ruling stations.
	Sounds good to me. Seth, you interested? Sounds up your alley?


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