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Purpose, origin and structure of the discussion archive

The purpose of this archive is to make the discussions from the C.J. Cherryh mailing list available on the WWW in a user-friendly form.
To achieve this, thread files were created which cover a certain topic or issue that was discussed. These files only contain those parts of the individual email messages that were relevant to the thread, but including information on sender and date sent in each case. For each of these message parts, a link to the full message is given.
Each of the full messages in turn contains a list of threads where parts of this message appear.

Although I tried to be complete, the choices of what forms a thread or interesting comment is of course sometimes a subjective one. Furthermore, although I cross-connected threads whenever it seemed appropriate, there are certainly more of these connections.
Therefore, if you should have any suggestions regarding the structure of this archive, or additional links you would like to see, just eMail us (see the Meetpoint entrypage for eMail addresses). Any contributions would be very much appreciated :-) .

Regarding copyright, please read the Copyright Notice.

1994: The archive has been discontinued due to lack of time and lack of volunteers. See the Meetpoint entry page for the current archival setup for recent messages.
20. 3. 97, Andreas Wandelt, Peter Jakobi.