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How to build a "Starchase" game

Remark: There also is a Postscript file for creating some gaming cards

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;Subject: cherryhlist
;Date: Thu, 4 Nov 93 14:32:18 GMT+4622364:40
;From: goldman@orac.cray.com (Goldman of Chaos -- postmaster CRI-US)
Hi all!

Just a short note to let you know what I've done to build a Starchase game:

1) I photocopied the map in the middle of "The Company War" board game. Then I added a couple of extra jump routes to get to every station. Then I photocopied and enlarged the map by two times. Finally I laminated the large map.

2) I picked up 120 golf tees. Then I painted them in 7 groups of 15 each. (Spares due to packs of 30. The extra set is for a rules modification I'm working on to add the Mazani to the game. I'll need to number each ship somehow. I was thinking of numbering them on the bottom, so that it isn't aparent which cargo load is in which ship.

3) I picked up a pack of wargame counters. 10 colors of different blank chits, 108 counters per color. I've thought of labeling counters but I'm not sure if it is worth the effort.

Cost so far:
Map: about $3
Golf tees: $4
Counters: $11
Paint: N/A I have lots of that lying around.
Total: $18

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