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The Connection between Union/Ariane Emory and the Morgaine books

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>From: Lesley Grant <lgrant>
>Subject: Re: C. J. Cherryh List
>Date: Thu, 28 Jan 93 9:43:58 GMT
> >From: nancy ott <ott@ansoft.com>
> I'd like to see the tie-in between the Union/Alliance novels and the
> Morgaine novels worked into a Cyteen sequel.  I heard a rumor that Ari
> Emory 2 is supposed to be the one who launched the strike force to
> destroy the Qhal Gates.  Which makes sense, since she's the only
> person in Union who is (a) intelligent enough to look beyond their
> immediate potential and see their danger, and (b) powerful enough to
> keep idiots in the Union military and government from using them.
> However, it would be a stretch even for Cherryh to pull this off!
Have people read the graphic novel adaptaion of the first Morgaine book? (well, at least the first 2/3 of the first book -- the 3rd part never seems to have been done). These were done with a lot of input from Cherryh. The 'preface' deals with Union's discovery of the Gates, along with an explanatory plaque in 12th century Russian. This plaque tells of the qhal's little genetic experiments, at which point one of the Union archaeologists makes the crack 'Emory got everywhere, didn't she?' Now these books came out long before Cyteen, and Cyteen didn't contain any information about the qhal, so I think that 1) if an emory is involved with the gates, it must indeed be Ari2, and 2) Cherryh may indeed have more material involving Emory/Reseune/Cyteen in the works. [I was exceedingly puzzled by the reference to Emory, as at that stage I think she had only appeared waaay off-stage in _Downbelow Station_ as the author of the statement 'If Earth didn't exist we'd have to invent it'. The statement in the graphic novel indicates to me that cherryh already had the Gehenna situation worked out (and Gehenna's true raison d'etre didn't appear until _Cyteen_), and that by the time of the discovery of the Gates, the Gehenna-plot is common knowledge to Union citizens -- quite possibly another Union novel would explore all this].

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