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On The Goblin Mirror

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>From: nancy ott <ott@ansoft.com>
>Subject: Cherryhlist - bibliography
>Date: Mon, 8 Mar 93 13:37:21 EST
There's also "The Goblin Mirror," which was published in 1992. Has anyone read it yet? I am thinking about buying a copy but would like to hear other people's reviews of it first.
- nancy ott (...)
ott@ansoft.com (...)

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>From: Lesley Grant <lgrant@maths.tcd.ie>
>Subject: cherryhlist
>Date: Wed, 10 Mar 93 7:44:35 GMT
> >From: nancy ott <ott@ansoft.com>
> >Subject: Cherryhlist - bibliography
> There's also "The Goblin Mirror," which was published in 1992.  (...)
Thanks for the information -- this one isn't even out here yet (we tend to be almost a year behind here; at least we were till "Forbidden Planet" opened in Dublin, or as it's better called, Forboding Prices). If anyone out there has any comments on this book, I'd also like to hear them. (...)

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>Subject: Re: C. J. Cherryh List 
>Date: Tue, 09 Mar 93 07:52:29 -0700
>From: shrum@hpphigs.fc.hp.com
I've read "The Goblin Mirror" and quite enjoyed it. It's reminiscent of Rusalka/Chernevog/Yvgenie in a way, so you'd probably like it if you liked those.
    Ken Shrum

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