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Comparison of the military powers of the Compact vs. Earth warships

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>From: Jo Jaquinta <jaymin>
>Subject: CherryhList
>Date: Mon, 19 Oct 92 9:37:13 BST
> >From: nancy ott <ott@ansoft.com>
> Maybe he [Mazian after the company wars] runs into the Knnnn and is hauled off to parts unknown.  :-)  :-) 
That's once theory I've been thinking about. Sort of. Short of the Knnn, though, I recon even one Fleet ship could tear right through the compact. The way I see things they would hit it most likely in Kif space or else the edge of Mahendosat. (Unless the Earth ships who have fired on the Knnnn are, in fact, The Fleet.) But if you compare the fighting styles and equipment the Fleet, even jury rigged after long running, is a professional warship whereas most Compact ships rate as armed merchants. Even the Kif and Mahen hunter ships are really only suited for solitary action, often with at least the pretense of being incognito. Whereas a warship with riders is only and obviously a war vessel. Also the psycology of both the Mahendosat and Kif preclude the organisation necessary to repulse such a force that can individually overwhelm them.


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