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Bibliography of the shorter works

Definitely incomplete; additional information welcome!

Short stories, novelettes and essays by C.J. Cherryh ordered chronographically. I'll try to keep uptodate at least for the stories in the greater universes of C.J. Cherryh (Peter).

For more information, see the 1995 bibliography and official bios at http://www.cherryh.com/bio.htm.

The Dark King
in: The Year's best Fantasy Stories 3, Lin Carter, ed., DAW, 1979
in: The 1979 Annual World's Best SF, Donald A. Wollheim, ed., DAW, 1979
also in: Visible Light
in: Shayol, (Overland Park, Kansas), Summer 1979 (??)
Sea Change
in: Elsewhere, Terry Windling and Mark Allan Arnold, ed., Ace, 1981
in: Shadows of Sanctuary, Robert Asprin, ed., Ace, 1981
A Thief in Korianth
in: Flashing Swords! 5, Lin Carter, ed., Dell, 1981
The last Tower
in: Sorcerer's Apprentice, ???, ???, 1981
in: Sunfall
in: Sunfall
in: Sunfall
The Haunted Tower
in: Sunfall
in: Sunfall
in: Hecate's Cauldron, Susan Shwartz, ed., DAW, 1982
in: Storm Season, Robert Asprin, ed., Ace, 1982
The Company War
in: The Company War, (introduction/essay), Mayfair Games, 1983
in: The Face of Chaos, Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey, ed., Ace, 1984
Witching Hour
in: Wings of Omen, Robert Asprin and Lynn Abbey, ed., Ace, 1984
in: The John W. Campbel Awards 5, George R.R. Martin, ed., Bluejay, 1984
The Scapegoat
in: Alien Stars, (Union/Alliance), Betsy Mitchell, ed., Pocket Books, 1985
in: Afterwar, Janet Morris, ed., Pocket Books, 1985
The Unshadowed Land
in: Sword and Sorceress 2, Marion Zimmer Bradley, ed., DAW, 1985
Goodbye Star Wars, Hello Alley-Oop
in: Inside Outer Space, (essay), 1985
The Brothers
in: Visible Light, (Faery), DAW, 1986
The Avoidance Factor
in: Glass and Amber, (essay), NESFA, 1987
The Sibylline Affair 30 pp., Copyright 1988
in: Prophets in Hell by Janet Morris, Baen Books, 1989, ISBN 0-671-69822-2
in: Futurecrime, (Union/Alliance; Earth), 1992
also in: e-Scape !PJ!

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