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Some Biographical Material

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The official biography can be found at http://www.cherryh.com/bio.htm.

Personal Data:
C.J. Cherryh, real name Carolyn Janice Cherry; born in St. Louis, Missouri, 1942

B.A. Latin, University of Oklahoma 1964 (academic specialisations including archaeology & mythology, history of engineering)

Teacher for Latin and History in Oklahoma City, ???-1976
professional writer since that time(?)
professional translator

  • John W. Campbell Award 1977, for Best New Writer (Well of Shiuan)
  • Hugo Award, 1979 (short story Cassandra)
  • Hugo Award, 1982 (Downbelow Station)
  • Locus Award 1988, for Best SF Novel, (Cyteen)
  • Hugo Award, 1989 (Cyteen)
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