Common Knowledge

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(As is commonly known in the Babylonian Republic.)

The world was created from the bones and body of Tiamat. Mankind was fruitful and multiplied under the direction of The Gods. The inner earth having been filled, the gods left instructions on the rightful conduct of society on great tables and rose into heaven.

Xeno the Great founded the Roman Empire and came to dominate all others. The guidence of the clerics and the Tablets of Instruction were lost. The empire grew bloated with size and eventually decayed from within. The Clerics and Nobles of the Babylonians sought between them to devise law codes to regulate society in the ancient manner and thus achieved enlightenment. They now bring their wisdom to The Amphictyony.

Life, Death, and Rebirth

Based on the deeds one does in ones life one is destined to go to the realm of the Gods and suffer the punishment or receive blessings accordingly. When the balance is even you are reborn again.

The Underdark

Great tunnels lie beneath the earth. Some are Tiamat's veins, others were made by the dwarves. Fell creatures use these to travel to civilization and commit foul deeds.